29. March 2024 · Comments Off on Back up and running! · Categories: Uncategorized

We are here! It wasn’t the shop having problems, but our website! We apologize if you had a hard time finding us online, or couldn’t visit our page, but everything is running smoothly now, and we’re here to answer questions, do some welding or fabricating, or even crack a joke! We hope to be of service!

11. March 2024 · Comments Off on Bike time! · Categories: Uncategorized

Here’s another titanium bike repair that we got to work on recently! Titanium is such a cool alloy and it’s something we love to weld!

08. March 2024 · Comments Off on Corner block time! · Categories: Uncategorized

We recently had this batch of corner blocks leave the shop! This is a job that we love to do, we are always so proud of the final product. These aluminum stunt grade rigging corner blocks are strong enough to safely hang people from (or any other heavy thing you can think of!)

19. January 2024 · Comments Off on It’s shovel time! · Categories: Uncategorized

Terry is back at it, making these lightweight outdoor aluminum trowels he designed a couple decades ago! Perfect for the beach, camping, hiking and all other outdoor fun. They float in water and if needed can be used as a paddle!

05. January 2024 · Comments Off on More Stainless! · Categories: Uncategorized

Here’s a little stainless steel project we got to work on today! It is 304 tubing for a customer’s plumbing, welded in four places (with an argon purge, of course! Gotta protect those shiny insides!). What fun!

04. January 2024 · Comments Off on More titanium! · Categories: Uncategorized

This titanium bike frame modification was one of our recent projects! We added this gusset that our custom made to add strength in this high stress area! We love doing work like this!

02. January 2024 · Comments Off on We’re back! · Categories: Uncategorized

We’re back and ready to take on all of your welding and metal fabrication needs! We hope to see you soon!

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26. May 2023 · Comments Off on UCLA Steel Bridge Team in the house! · Categories: Uncategorized

We got a surprise in the mail-a wonderful ‘thank you’ card from UCLA’s Steel Bridge Team, and some great photos of their bridge during competition last month. Jaytech’s Terry and Haley helped the team assemble and then tacked and welded the structure for competition. Since then, we have had the team here for two welding workshops to gear up for next year. Go Bruins!

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We’re still here, busy as ever at Jaytech! As you can see we’ve got our benches full of lots of different projects. We’re happy to have several production jobs in house (of course walk-ins and repairs are still welcome). It’s also great that most of this work is our all-time favorite metal-ALUMINUM!