True story! If Haley had been born a boy, well, you know the rest! That makes it even more fitting that she did almost all the welding on this Harley Davidson motorcycle frame. Our customer’s client wanted this old bike she’s had for decades modified. Haley had fun doing what she does best (hint: it’s steel and stainless) and made this bike frame something beautiful that it’s rider will be proud to keep riding for decades to come!

This exhaust system had leaks coming from where these two band clamps were holding the pieces together. Our customer wanted the whole thing welded solid so the clamps could be removed. Of course with this being a stainless steel exhaust, we needed to purge it with argon to keep the inside of the pipes from getting corrosion on the back side of the weld. We love doing work like this, if you have any exhaust systems in need of repair, bring it on in!

This post is a bit late, but one of the things Haley did to keep herself busy this past Christmas was making Christmas tree ornaments! She got the help of Peggy, who programmed the cut patterns on the computer, and Terry, who used the plasmacam to cut out the shapes. Haley used stainless steel filler rod to decorate the ornaments with patterns, stripes, trees, snowflakes, and even Santa!

Here is just a couple of examples of some of the exotic metals we frequently work with. The first is the repair of a crack on a titanium exhaust. These always need to be purged with argon to ensure there is no corruption on the inside! The second is a large piece of magnesium that needed holes filled. Titanium can be welded using a direct current, similar to steel/stainless steel alloys, whereas magnesium needs an alternating electrical current, like aluminum. But it is imperative that you use the correct filler rod!

Recently the shop was occupied by a statue of a woman made entirely out of steel washers! She had fallen down and broken her leg off with a bunch of pieces missing. We carefully put her back together using all the pieces our customer could find and also added a few of our own washers to reinforce her leg so she wouldn’t break again! We think she looks pretty good considering she had already been missing her head! (Her other leg had already been missing too)

We worked long and hard on these riser bases, but now they are ready to go. These large structures stand at slightly over four feet tall and are made from aluminum. We love this kind of precision fabrication! Now that these are all wrapped up, they are ready to be delivered to our customer!

This new customer needed this ladder shortened so he cut off the ends of the legs and had us cut caps and weld them on. We love small fab-and-repair jobs like this!

These stainless steel sprockets are one of Haley’s favorite things to do! Super tiny steel welds are what she’s best at. We are grateful for our loyal customers who keep bringing in these familiar jobs and keeping us busy during these difficult times.

Remember all those trusses we did a while back? We just completed some more work for this customer! The first thing you see here is these bezels. They are meant to go around the rim of a box to prevent damage in case any accidents should occur. The second thing is these plates. We machined all these holes manually. Each component gets a front and a rear plate, which you see here. Both of these jobs were made from aluminum – our specialty!

We are so glad to stay open during this COVID-19 crisis because of jobs like this! Last week we made 1,000 of these aluminum posts which will hold up glass as a barrier at cash registers in grocery stores. We are so grateful to be able to provide these products to help protect fellow essential workers!