Today we worked on a large crack repair on a titanium bike frame. As with all titanium repairs, the frame had to be purged with argon to prevent contamination. Haley was the one in the driver’s seat for this one, and she’s getting pretty good at these titanium repairs!

A few weeks ago, we held one of our student workshops. In attendance we had kids from CSUN and UCLA, as well as teachers from Chaminade and even family members and just members of the community that were interested in expanding their skills. We always have a great time teaching, and watching how fast some of our students learn. Just a couple weeks later, we even had one of the people in attendance come back to the shop and weld his own part by himself! On the right you see two students practicing , and on the left is one of their “sculptures” of the pieces they practiced on!

We recently repaired a large crack on this exhaust system. We had to purge it with argon to ensure a proper weld. This particular muffler is made out of titanium, one of the exotic metals we work with here at Jaytech!

Here we have some pictures of the frame for UCLA’s entry to the Baja SAE competition! This buggy frame was designed by engineering students at UCLA and all connections were laser cut and bent to dimension by computer. All the pieces fit like a glove, much to the delight of the team, and our workers who welded it! Javier worked with the students, assembling and tacking it together, and Terry did a good amount of the final welds. This chassis is made out of 4130 thin wall tube, and welded with ER80-S2 filler rod, which is a good strength match. Because the tubing is so thin, post weld stress relief or hardening in not needed or specified by the UCLA team. We are excited to have our logo on their buggy, and we wish them the best of luck in the upcoming race!

This is an example¬† of what we are working this month! We are happy to be working with UCLA as they design their entry to the Baja SAE competition (Society of Automotive Engineering). Entries from around the world come to compete at the collegiate level and race their baja buggies for top honors. The frame of UCLA’s buggy is in the beginning stages, so no actual pictures yet, but we are very excited!

Haley is one of our certified aluminum welders. You can always count on quality work at Jaytech!

Javier is stuck in a cage! These frames are the beginning stage of large racks. We made four, and each one had 34 shelves, all constructed with over 85 pieces! We welded them with a combination of MIG and TIG welds. Before welding, though, come cutting precise parts and cleaning the weld areas with the wire wheel!

You may have seen us working on this fireplace bezel late last year, but we finally finished it and took it to the customer to be installed! It was in our shop for several months, and before that it was being planned and designed for several more months! This customer had been waiting for a year to get this built and put into her home, and when it finally arrived, she was ecstatic!

These gears were small and the space they needed weld was even smaller! Our stainless steel pro, Haley, was happy to get these in and lay down some teeny tiny welds!

We’ve been working on this one for a while! This is a custom fire place cover. We’ve had to tack it together, take it to the customer for fitting, take it apart, re-size, take it for fitting again, get it polished, weld it, and get it polished again all before we can get it permanently put in the customer’s home! We are lucky to have a metal polishing business, V&M Metal Polishing, right across the parking lot from our shop that we work closely with so that we could get this done a little faster.