We have some large projects that we are working on right now. Currently here at Jaytech we are in the final stages of installing a view port in a 1/4″ stainless steel door of a vacuum process chamber! This is just one of the many things keeping our hands and brains working hard!vacuumchamber

condoimg_0709We are assembling a jungle gym here at Jaytech today! We are putting the final touches on “the Condo” for a customer-a structure that can be moved around with a fork lift as needed, to provide storage and protection. This thing is big! Roughly 8ftx8ftx12ft-complete with a floor and a roof!

Today we put our new Lincoln Squarewave 200 Tig welder to task welding an aluminum soda can in AC mode! This is not easy, but with the right settings, very do-able. Settings are 30 amps, 75 balance, 150 frequency, #7 nozzle, and 18 CFH Argon. Of course, it’s done with our signature weave weld!IMGsoda_8502

This week here at Jaytech, we had some of the members of California State University at Northridge’s steel bridge building team! Each year, the engineering students in this club are responsible for designing and building a bridge made of steel. When new members begin, we love reaching out to the community and volunteering a little bit of our time and resources to help teach these bright students howimageCSUN2 to weld so that they can put their own bridges together! Over the past few years, Jaytech has become one of the team’s trusted partners for welding instruction and advice. Here is a picture of some of the progress that these students made-and it is very good considering some of them have never even picked up a torch! This club at CSUN is part of the American Society of Civil Engineers, and it is very exciting to work with the future of this industry. We can’t wait to for them to return to work with them some more!

IMG_7684Here you see a couple of aluminum weldments for one of our entertainment customers. The base metal is 6061-T6. The pieces, after machining, are beveled where required, washed, tacked together, then preheated to 200*F. Preheating not only makes welding easier with less chance of cracking, but it also improves the penetration and dries the water moisture from the porous surface of the aluminum.

The welds were done with AC tig, at approximately 200-300 amps, 80% balance DCEN using Argon/Helium inert cover gas mix with high strength 5356 aluminum alloy weld filler.


The other day we had another satisfied customer leaving Jaytech’s parking lot! This is an order of 8 cornerblocks for 12″ truss made for Simpson Stunts! FullSizeRender

We have had a lot of cool projects coming in and out of our doors for the month of March! We have been working on a lot of jobs associated with air travel. We had our hands on a lot of stainless steel, working with plating and processing tanks for use in airbus jetliners as well as galley parts for Boeing 747 dreamliners! We also did welding on a steel engine trunnion for an airship and ordnance ground support parts for the Point Mugu Naval Air Station. Our work on the aluminum bridges for the orchestra walk at the Hollywood Bowl is three quarters of the way through. Another fun project we got to work on was hydraulic cylinder casings for handicap lifts. Last but not least, we assembled skeleton stands for use in museums, sold by a frequent customer company called Bones Clones! These are just some of the bigger projects that we have had in the shop, but of course we always cater to the small walk in repair jobs. Obviously we have been hard at work, but we always hope to be even busier and harder at work next month!

A small stainless steel tube welded to a bolt. Done by Haley, whose stainless steel skills are improving every day! This is a part for her brother’s car!Stainless Steel image

I think my aluminum skills are becoming noteworthy! Here is a weld in the corner of a JBL speaker array frame!JBL Image – Haley

More pictures of the 6″ spacers for Kish Rigging, including a photo of our Mistress of the Arc Julie taking photos!kish-rigging-6-inch-spacers