We have had a lot of cool projects coming in and out of our doors for the month of March! We have been working on a lot of jobs associated with air travel. We had our hands on a lot of stainless steel, working with plating and processing tanks for use in airbus jetliners as well as galley parts for Boeing 747 dreamliners! We also did welding on a steel engine trunnion for an airship and ordnance ground support parts for the Point Mugu Naval Air Station. Our work on the aluminum bridges for the orchestra walk at the Hollywood Bowl is three quarters of the way through. Another fun project we got to work on was hydraulic cylinder casings for handicap lifts. Last but not least, we assembled skeleton stands for use in museums, sold by a frequent customer company called Bones Clones! These are just some of the bigger projects that we have had in the shop, but of course we always cater to the small walk in repair jobs. Obviously we have been hard at work, but we always hope to be even busier and harder at work next month!

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