We just completed an order of our popular aluminum cornerblocks. The only reason we don’t get more orders of these than we do is because they are unbreakable! Once you have them, you have them forever. We perfected this design many years ago, and have been doing them the same ever since!

We always love walk-in repairs! Today we got to do some corrosion repair on an aluminum casting! This is an automotive timing chain cover, and now it’s as good as new!

Today we worked on a large crack repair on a titanium bike frame. As with all titanium repairs, the frame had to be purged with argon to prevent contamination. Haley was the one in the driver’s seat for this one, and she’s getting pretty good at these titanium repairs!

It’s hard to believe that this job is finally almost done! The last (of over 300) truss is finally assembled and going into the final stage of production. We are so grateful to this customer for keeping us busy for a good portion of 2018! Now onto the next job!

Today we had some fun with titanium! All the colors make it look like art! This is just one example of the exotic metals that Terry has experience with welding.

This is a fun repeat job that we do for our customer at Torrance Manufacturing. These are done by placing them on a horizontal turntable so that we can do a continuous weld with no stop-and-starts!

We have discovered the advantages of selling some of our excess inventory on eBay!These are some of our popular high performance box truss corner blocks now listed for sale.


In looking over photos, I realized that we did not post about the enormous aluminum door we made for KD Clark Construction a few months ago (well, enormous to us!).

It’s almost 10 feet by 14 feet by 4 inches deep. Once it’s complete, it will have a glass insert and wood panels on both sides.



One of KD Clark Contruction’s employees sent us a picture of the door as they were testing before sending it out for final paint and finishing


.Can’t wait to see the house when complete!

Peggy Terzian

Sparks fly as we assemble more munitions ‘condos’ for Roger George Rentals!

Making condos again 3-8-17

We have some large projects that we are working on right now. Currently here at Jaytech we are in the final stages of installing a view port in a 1/4″ stainless steel door of a vacuum process chamber! This is just one of the many things keeping our hands and brains working hard!vacuumchamber