Javier is stuck in a cage! These frames are the beginning stage of large racks. We made four, and each one had 34 shelves, all constructed with over 85 pieces! We welded them with a combination of MIG and TIG welds. Before welding, though, come cutting precise parts and cleaning the weld areas with the wire wheel!

You may have seen us working on this fireplace bezel late last year, but we finally finished it and took it to the customer to be installed! It was in our shop for several months, and before that it was being planned and designed for several more months! This customer had been waiting for a year to get this built and put into her home, and when it finally arrived, she was ecstatic!

These gears were small and the space they needed weld was even smaller! Our stainless steel pro, Haley, was happy to get these in and lay down some teeny tiny welds!

We’ve been working on this one for a while! This is a custom fire place cover. We’ve had to tack it together, take it to the customer for fitting, take it apart, re-size, take it for fitting again, get it polished, weld it, and get it polished again all before we can get it permanently put in the customer’s home! We are lucky to have a metal polishing business, V&M Metal Polishing, right across the parking lot from our shop that we work closely with so that we could get this done a little faster.

Today we had some fun with titanium! All the colors make it look like art! This is just one example of the exotic metals that Terry has experience with welding.

One of our old faithfuls is in the shop!We have been doing these boilers for over thirty years! We usually keep a stock of plates so that we can start working on them as soon as we get the order. There are three different kinds of boilers that we make: small, large, and what are called “constants.” The constants are different because the hardware that gets welded on is put on the tube instead of the top plate, as well as differences in the hole placement. This is a nice job to have because every worker gets a part to do. The machinist drills the plates, our newest welder tacks the plates to the tubes, and our experienced welders take care of the rest! (And the office manager does the paperwork for it, of course!)

Congratulations to CSUN’s steel bridge building team for placing second in the regional competition! Now they are on to nationals! Every year we enjoy working with these students at the steel welding workshops we put on. This allows them to weld their own bridges for these competitions. We are proud to help them accomplish this, and we love seeing our logo on their board of sponsors!

It’s been a busy few months! We finally completed this massive order of mini beam trusses for Kish Rigging! (Mini means 8 ft) This order was for 50 total and we have been working on it since December! So much work goes into this process. All hands were on deck for this project! These are made with 6061 aluminum and welded together with 5356 filler rod for high strength. Our trusses are known for their durability!

We have another robot chassis in house! This one was brought to us by the Chaminade High School robotics team. Two students stayed to help assemble while we tacked it together. These bright kids are going places!

This stainless steel pedestal was put together and welded by our steel master, Haley. With all the steel and stainless steel coming into the shop, she’s busier than ever! Nice line of beads, huh?